Intermediary Futures

Tuesday 17 September 09.30 – 17.00

Venue:   Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand, London WC2R 0JJ


What does the future hold for agents, operators, wholesalers and other intermediaries?

As the dotcom era gathered pace in the 1990s, many commentators were preaching the gospel of disintermediation.   With the advent of the web, here was a technology that would allow travel principals – such as hotels, airlines, attractions –  to reach out across the world to gather their customers.   The introduction of online bookings and payments only strengthened that belief.

As it turns out, the reality has not been so black and white. Whilst principals have, indeed, been the beneficiaries of more direct business via online channels, intermediaries are still with us.

Agency chains may have shrunk but newer online travel agents have taken up some of the slack.   Tour operators have found the online world  to be a lucrative channel.   A new genre of wholesalers utilising XML messaging have grown-up to feed the industry.   Bedbanks and flight aggregators now have a vital role to play.

However, industry developments have become so fast moving that the only certainty is the uncertainty about what the future holds.   With this in mind, TTI has decided that its Autumn Conference should focus on Intermediary Futures.   The conference will probe the subject from various aspects looking at the wider marketplace and how it may evolve, examining the technology, hearing from new companies about their business models, learning from principals about what they need from intermediary relationships.

For anyone with an interest in Intermediary Futures this was a must attend event!

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