The Power of Data and Analytics

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Strand Palace Hotel, London


Big data is this year’s hot topic.   In fact, ‘small data’ is a better description as we have been moving towareds a level of data granularity where tiny pieces of data, when taken collectively, are making a real difference to businesses.

In the travel industry, we have always collected a lot of data about our customers.   Much of this has traditionally been operational data, the information that is required to process bookings and visas.   Data such as where our customers like to travel, whether they are families, couples or singles, if they prefer luxury or value travel, had traditionally not been much of a focus.

Now we are moving into the era of big data.   Our technology has the storage capability and processing power to collect granular customer data, sift and filter this to provide business intelligence that can be profitably applied to increase the likelihood of customers re-booking with us or enabling us to sell more profitable products that precisely meet our customers’ needs.

Data and analytics are being used on three levels; firstly to improve the offer of relevant products making purchase more likely.   This is big data for personalisation. Secondly, using data to infer or predict what the individual customer may purchase based on similarly profiled customers shopping habits. Thirdly, using data to make macro-business decisions about what to sell, when to sell it and where to set the price.

Big data is a complex subject and so, for this conference, we assembled a group of expert speakers.   They shared their expertise and experiences to give delegates the opportunity to tap into the power of data and analytics.

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