Digital Transformation

Monday 21 September 2015

09.30 – 17.00

Strand Palace Hotel London WC2R 0JJ

In a recent poll conducted by, 51% of senior executives surveyed believe it is critical to implement digital transformation in the next 12 months.  Yet they estimate that, at best, companies are 25% of the way toward realising the end-state vision for their digital programmes. 33% of organisations see digital transformation as a huge challenge.

Meanwhile our customers continue to undergo their own digital transformations. They increasingly use multiple devices to interface with our businesses, expecting a consistency of communication however they are in touch with us.  Their shopping habits are changing as they take advantage of shared information about our products across social media and review sites, sometimes knowing more about what we are selling than we do.  They increasingly research better, shop around more and book later.  They look for instant answers and are not interested in advisors saying they will get back with more information tomorrow. Consumers are transforming to a ‘now society’.

New entrants are coming into our industry.  Their business models are founded on fast decision making, high speed implementation and harnessing the latest technological developments keeping pace with consumers.  Many new entrants fall by the wayside but the few that are successful grab a valuable and significant share of the travel market.

Travel companies are realising that to meet the demands of the evolving consumer and competitive environment they must undergo a digital transformation.  This needs to affect all areas of the business.  The organisation may need to be streamlined, the way in which products are sold may require new types of supplier contract, marketing and business strategies need to be evolved that take into account the new realities, current technology may need to be replaced.

For this conference, TTI has assembled a team of expert speakers who will examine the subject from a variety of aspects.  If you are interested in your business surviving well into the future, it is essential that you attend this conference and learn more about digital transformation.

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