Optimising Digital Sales

Monday 19 March 2012

Harrington Hall Hotel 5 – 25 Harrington Gardens South Kensington London SW7 4JW


The online world throws down the challenge of a never-ending quest.   Even if your website or mobile presence is producing excellent results there is no rest.   You know that a further tweak here or re-design there might further increase sales.   There is no option to sit back and be satisfied.   The most successful websites are run by those who are continually trying something new, always running A/B testing to see which changes provide an incremental improvement and which should be discarded.

Even though this scenario of continual tweaking and testing sounds obsessive, optimising digital sales is actually far more complex.   There are so many facets that need to be taken into account.

The design of one’s website is of paramount importance.   Once a visitor arrives, he or she needs to be converted to a customer.   Your site needs to do everything it can to keep a visitor hooked and moving forward to making a purchase.   However, there are many other aspects to optimising digital sales.

Personalisation of online marketing communications has become vitally important.   On the one hand, collecting and using personal data is becoming increasingly sophisticated.   On the other hand, EU legislation may be introduced to limit this.

Social media now drives a significant proportion of visitors towards one’s sales channels but are you able to convert your social media contacts to paying customers?

Of course, product strategy is of great importance.   Do you have the right products at the right price?   Do your digital sales channels connect to a sufficient breadth of product that visitors will not feel the need to shop with your competitors?

With the right products in place, is your digital content sufficiently compelling or are your visitors left bereft of the information they need to make the sale?

Does your search engine strategy work for you?  Are you getting positive return on investment to your marketing expenditure?  Could your website be made to climb further up the organic search results? 

All these questions and more were answered by our expert panel of speakers:

The Digital Sales Panel
Giles Longhurst, Elliott Prichard & Jonathan Greensted

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Designing the better travel website
Jonathan Greensted, Business Development Director, Zolv
Getting the content right
Giles Longhurst, Director EMEA, Frommers Unlimited
Feeding the cookie monster
Elliott Pritchard, Marketing Director, Travel Republic
Pulling in the product
John Howell, Managing Director, Multicom
daniel_reilly_and_david_smith_150h It’s Personal!
David Smith, Founder, MiGuide
Moving into Mobile (unavailable)
Daniel Reilly, Managing Director, BlinkBooking.com
Doing the Deal
Gregory Linn, Director Key Account Management Hotel & Travel, Groupon
Making the most of Google
Sam Gregory, Industry Manager – Travel, Google UK
From social to sales
Anthony Rawlins, CEO, Digital Visitor

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