The UX Revolution

Tuesday 15 March 2016

09.30 – 17.00

Strand Palace Hotel London  WC2R 0JJ

There is a revolution taking place in the way that our customers are experiencing their interactions with our companies and the wider digital world.

From pure voice to virtual reality, there has never been such an extensive range of user experiences (Ux) that can be used by consumers to access the digital world.

Voice services such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistants are becoming increasingly intelligent. Amazon is bringing a voice-based personal assistant into the home with its Amazon Echo. Sitting no more than 24 centimetres high, it is a black cylinder sitting on a kitchen table or shelf, designed around your voice. It’s hands-free and always on. It connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, to provide information, answer questions, play music, read the news, check sports scores or the weather, and more—instantly. All you have to do is ask.

At the other end of the sensory scale is virtual reality with immersive technology such as the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift providing a completely immersive 360 degree sound and vision experience. South Africa Tourism is one of the first travel and tourism organisations to have created a VR experience promoting its destination.

Less ambitious but perhaps of more practical use are the augmented reality tourism applications that overlay information on views being captured by your mobile phone camera, providing information on tourism sights as you see them.

Then there are the increasing number of mobile apps providing real-time travel information on flights, train journeys & public transport and the mapping apps using real-time traffic information to intelligently route your journey.

With many travel companies having created mobile responsive websites, high utility apps and providing context specific content, the travel industry is certainly at the leading edge of the Ux Revolution; but are we doing enough?

Attendees of TTI’s Spring Conference found out how the travel industry is embracing the Ux Revolution and where it will be taking us.

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The Speakers:

Anna Chomse – Google with Russell Hall – Hailo


Breffni Horgan – Hostelworld with Fergus Boyd – Yotel


Ashwin Patil – Happiest Minds with Peter Dennis – TTI Chairman


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