Mobile Update

Tuesday 15 June 2010

The Institute of Engineering & Technology

Savoy Place London WC2R 0BL

It seems that mobile is finally taking off. No longer is this new channel more hype than substance. Travel companies from all sectors are finding that there is business to be won and customer services to be delivered.

Apple, with its decision to provide an open development platform for iPhone applications, has been most instrumental in taking mobile technology beyond voice and messaging.   There are now well over 6,000 travel specific apps for the iPhone.   Users are downloading these in their millions, providing travel companies with a new means by which to reach out to customers.

Of course, iPhone apps are not the only game in town.   Google launched its Android mobile operating system some time back and the number of apps available on this platform are steadily increasing.   Its OVI Store is building up fast with scores of apps available for these devices as well.

Clearly, if you have been ignoring mobile, your organisation is in danger of missing out on the benefits of this new, exciting channel.   Whether you are looking to just strengthen branding, provide customer service or catalyse sales, mobile is a channel that is starting to deliver.

TTI’s Summer 2010 Forum addressed some of the hot issues and the development of this increasingly important sector.

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Click on the presenter to download presentation:

Gerry Samuels, Founder & Executive Director, Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd.

Helen Unwin, Senior Online Marketing Manager, Pegasus Solutions (included with Gerry Samuels presentation)

Marko Balabanovic, Head of Innovation,

Chris Carmichael, Manager & Mobile Innovation, British Airways   (presentation unavailable)

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