Take Flight!

Tuesday 11 June 2013

09.30 – 13.00

Strand Palace Hotel – London

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There is a revolution taking place in access to flight inventory!

In 2010, Google sent shockwaves through the travel industry by acquiring flight distribution technology specialist, ITA Software.   The company’s technology powers Google Flight Search which, as with all Google features, is astonishingly simple and fast to use.   At the moment, Google Flight Search passes the traveller to the airline or a travel agency site to make the booking.

More recently the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched its New Distribution Capability (NDC).   The airline-led organisation describes NDC as ‘a collaborative industry initiative to define a messsaging standard that will enable retailing opportunities through the indirect (GDS/travel agent) channel’.   However, as such a standard would allow travel agents and airlines to message directly with each other, is NDC set to challenge the flight distribution dominance of the global distribution systems?

The GDSs have not been sitting back idly.   For example, Travelport has launched its Travelport Merchandising Platform which it has described as ‘a significant change in the distribution landscape’.

Clearly there is turmoil surrounding the whole issue of access to flight inventory.   In response to this, TTI  assembled an authoritative group of speakers who gave their expert views on what is needed by airlines & travel management companies and who might be the winners and the losers as the latest technological developments take hold.

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