Business and Leisure Come Together

Tuesday 19 September 2017

10:00 to 16:45 (coffee and registration from 09:30)
Strand Palace Hotel
372 Strand, London, WC2R 0JJ (nearest undergrounds: Charing Cross & Covent Garden)

Business and leisure have traditionally been two distinct and separate sectors of the travel industry but what lessons can be learned from each other?

Travel management companies (TMCs) have evolved to serve business travellers and their corporate organisations.  They offer high service, often implanting staff within their larger corporate clients.  TMCs service offerings go beyond booking travel.  They help their clients by providing comprehensive travel expense reporting and manage corporate booking policy to ensure staff book the travel products that are commensurate with their grade within the organisation. They are on-hand to ensure that their corporate clients’ travellers’ journeys progress smoothly and are  able to speedily change arrangements if a business traveller’s plans change.

Leisure travel companies service consumers’ desire to take a break, whether this is a weekend away or a round the world cruise. Whereas a business trip is a fairly homogenous product – it will involve transport and accommodation – a leisure trip might be an adventure or experiential travel experience, a sporting holiday such as skiing, simply relaxation, a special occasion holiday such as a wedding or may involve a hard to reach, far-flung destination.

At first sight, one would guess that the two sectors have little in common.  However, a growing proportion of travel can now be categorised as Bleisure, a business trip combined with a leisure break.  A business traveller may have a meeting to attend but may take the trip with friends or family and stay on at the destination.  Such trips, particularly if the business travel portion is unmanaged, will be booked via a travel agent – online or retail – or directly with an airline, hotel or other product provider.

The rise of the Bleisure trip has catalysed TTI to bring the business and leisure travel communities together to explore the commonalities and differences between the two.  At this conference you will hear from tech companies, corporate and leisure agencies and product providers serving both sectors.

What can business and leisure learn from each other?  Are there benefits to be had in gaining a better understanding of the ways in which each community operates?  Do product suppliers and technology providers address business and leisure travellers differently?

Attend this conference and learn the answers as business and leisure come together.

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