Founded in 2012, 6point6 is a technology consultancy with strong expertise in digital, emerging technology and cyber. We bring a wealth of hands-on experience to help businesses, including financial service providers, media houses and government, achieve more with digital. Using cutting edge technology and agile delivery methods, we help organisations reinvent, transform and secure a brighter digital future.

Identifying, planning and executing the correct digital transformation strategy can be a daunting one that deters some organisations from embracing technology fully. This is where 6point6 can help. We provide the innovation, expertise and knowledge necessary to untangle even the most complicated of digital requirements. We have sector and technology specialists that allow us to facilitate tailored, outcomes driven transformations for businesses across the hospitality, travel and hotel sectors.

We are trusted suppliers of cyber security to the UK Government and multinational corporations. We have experience designing, managing and implementing some of the most comprehensive security projects ever undertaken by central government. Our team of industry experts ensure that all aspects of an organisation’s digital footprint are secured against an ever increasing list of threats and risks.

The best means of understanding how exposed your business is to a cyber attack is to perform a full review of your organisation’s current security state. A Cyber Maturity Assessment will provide an organisation with a comprehensive overview that can be used to inform the correct cyber security strategy for them. Our assessments are tailored to the specific challenges facing the Travel and Hospitality sectors and informed by our experience and expertise working with organisations from these industries.


Data breaches and other cyber security incidents have become an all too common occurrence in recent years, with both the frequency and severity of these attacks expected to increase in 2020 and beyond. As the methods and strategies employed by attackers continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, the measures required to safeguard an organisation must mature at an even faster rate.

The sheer volume of sensitive data held by modern IT systems, along with increasing regulatory requirements, demands a comprehensive and holistic approach to cyber security similar to those at financial and tech organisations. Loss of revenue, regulatory fines, legal action and reputational damage, amongst other things, are all at stake for any individual, business or industry that chooses to neglect cyber security. The Travel and Hospitality industries store and share huge volumes of sensitive customer data, and so are particularly attractive targets for cyber criminals.


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