XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language and it is a cut down version of SGML (Standard Graphical Markup Language). SGML has been a standard for a number of years and was only used for relatively heavyweight document management applications until recently. A few years ago now Tim Berners-Lee, then working at CERN, near Geneva, used it to derive the specific markup language HTML (hypertext markup language), which has become the language in which most World Wide Web documents are written.

Completed XML message developments

  • TORIX 2.0 – enhancement to include a Product Search message pair that will enable a search for products matching a broad set of search criteria and allow for the generation of dynamically packaged products. This complements the existing package availability messages.
  • TORIX 1.0 – Tour Operator Reservations In XML
    (revised and updated from the original development of Package Holiday Availability and Booking messages
  • Ferry XML – Passenger Availability and Reservations

Current OpenTravel XML message developments

TTI works very closely with its Allied Partner the OpenTravel Alliance and the TORIX messages are included  in the OpenTravel specification.   For information on current OpenTravel message developments see

TTI Technical Consultant Tony Williams chairs OpenTravel’s Interoperability Committee and the Travel Integration Work Group.

TORIX brief overview

The TORIX messages were created by a TTI working party of major tour operators and are aimed at providing a structured alternative to the legacy Viewdata distribution channel for booking packaged holidays.

Whilst capable of supporting B2C, these messages are aimed at the B2B market with the specific aim of providing an alternative to the Viewdata standard.

The messages are currently defined as shown in the table below:

Name Full Name Description
TTI_ProductSearchRQTTI_ProductSearchRS Product Search Perform an online search for holiday packages.
TTI_PkgAvailRQTTI_PkgAvailRS Package Availability Check Check the availability of a package holiday.
TTI_PkgCostRQTTI_PkgCostRS Package Costing Request a costing for a specified package holiday itinerary.
TTI_PkgExtrasInfoRQTTI_PkgExtrasInfoRS Package Extras Information Determine what extras are available with a specified package holiday itinerary.
TTI_PkgBookRQTTI_PkgBookRS Package Book Create a package holiday booking.
OTA_ReadRQTTI_PkgReadRS Recall Retrieve the details of a package holiday booking previously created using the package book message.
OTA_CancelRQTTI_PkgCancelRS Cancel Check cancellation fees and/or cancel a package holiday booking previously created using the package book message
OTA_PingRQOTA_PingRS Connectivity Test Check to confirm connectivity is active.

A copy of the TORIX documentation and XML messages is available from our FILE DOWNLOADS area.

Limited technical assistance is available free of charge to TTI members. To take advantage of this,  please contact us.