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Seamless Travel – Does AI have a role to play?

Spring Conference - Live & Streamed
Wednesday 20 March 2024 - 10:00 to 13:00 followed by networking lunch


Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, Carburton St, London W1W 5EE (nearest underground: Great Portland Street)

or at your home or office via Zoom

How can travel companies achieve a seamless, frictionless experience across the entire customer journey?

Travel companies have many touchpoints to manage along the customer journey. Each touchpoint is an opportunity for customer dissatisfaction if the interaction does not go well. The ideal is to provide a seamless experience that allows customers to engage in an intuitive way from their first touchpoint - perhaps searching for a product - through to booking, customer service and beyond, to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Artificial Intelligence has a role to play in this, providing customers with the right information at the right time, whether it is for trip planning or addressing any questions that they might have.


Whilst Artificial Intelligence can certainly contribute - and travel companies should be learning how best to utilise AI - there is more that needs to be done to achieve a seamless travel experience. This might be developing superlative websites or using APIs to connect your company to suppliers and distributors.


For this conference, TTI has assembled a group of speakers who are real experts in their respective fields. They have agreed to share their experiences and their thoughts on the future so that you can benefit from their hard-won knowledge.


Attend TTI’s Spring Conference and learn about the techniques to achieve seamless travel and the role AI has to play.


  • Lalit Gupta, Senior Industry Manager, Google UK

  • Anthony McClean, Lead Technical Product Manager, Holiday Extras

  • David Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Travelshift

  • Philip Kunze, Senior Account Executive, chatlyn

  • Alison Rawlings, Managing Director, Bunnyfoot

Detailed Agenda

09:30 Networking Coffee and Refreshments

10:00 Welcome & TTI Update - Tim Wright, Chairman, TTI

10:10 The Search for Travel - Lalit Gupta, Senior Industry Manager, Google UK

The starting point for any consumer looking to travel is the search. This may be, for example, info about the destination or perhaps flights or hotels. For the latter two, Google has strived to provide a seamless customer experience, providing information from its travel organisation partners and passing booking information through to these when a customer wishes to book. Hear how Google has achieved this and what might be in store for the future.

10:30 AI Driving Travel - David Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Travelshift

Travelshift is one of the new generation of travel companies using AI to automate and curate travel plans and services. Using the latest graphical user interface techniques alongside AI, Travelshift aims to drastically reduce the number of searches a customer typically needs to make to find their ideal trip. In this session, you will hear how Travelshift has developed, the company’s current state of play and its plans for the future.

10:50 Q&A Panel Session

11:05 Networking Coffee Break

11:35 UI Best Practice - Alison Rawlings, Managing Director, Bunnyfoot

Bunnyfoot has a long history of using expertise in behavioural science and customer centred design to create engaging and profitable websites for its clients, including leading travel companies such as easyJet, P&O Cruises and Great Rail Journeys. Using these and other examples from its portfolio, Bunnyfoot’s Managing Director will talk about current best practices in designing a booking journey experience and what factors the industry may need to consider to help customers get the most out of AI.

11:55 Making the Connection - Anthony McClean, Lead Technical Product Manager, Holiday Extras

An essential part of implementing seamless travel is the use of APIs (application programming interfaces) to connect to supply and distribution partners, so providing frictionless, automated connectivity for pricing, availability and booking data. In this session, you will hear how Holiday Extras has developed and Implemented its API programme to its own benefit and that of its trading partners.

12:15 AI Automating Customer Communication - Philip Kunze, Senior Account Executive, chatlyn

chatlyn provides automated customer communications to streamline operations by centralising all communication channels. Using AI, chatlyn automates customer engagement. Its technology allows travel companies to upload their knowledge base documents so that chatlyn’s AI-powered system can provide accurate, human-like responses. In this session, you will hear how AI can contribute to significantly raising the efficiency of customer communications.

12:35 Q&A Panel Session

12:55 Chairman’s Summary - Tim Wright, Chairman, TTI

13:00 Close followed by Networking Lunch

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