The New Normal

Webinar - Thu 17 June 2021 - 10:00 to 13:00 (UK)

Will travel be back to normal or will there be a The New Normal?

By mid-June, we will know the initial green list of countries to which travellers can travel. For the lucky destinations, flights and hotels will have been filling-up with UK tourists since mid-May. Those destinations on the amber and red lists will be seeing little in the way of UK tourists.


Domestic travel will be hugely popular this Summer. Many holidaymakers will have taken the decision not to risk going abroad or to bother with the inconvenience of the virus mitigation procedures which will require a testing regime of some form or other and long wait times at Border Control.


With a month having past since 17 May 2021, the earliest date that international travel is allowed, the travel industry will have gained several weeks of experience of how best to handle bookings for those taking international trips this season.


The big question is whether this new normal with all its concerns and inconveniences is The New Normal or just an interim period before slowly and steadily we return to the freedom with which we travelled prior to the COVID-19 pandemic?


For its Summer Forum and to address this crucial question, TTI has assembled a team of the most senior experts from a variety of travel sectors.  They will be able to provide their authoritative views and opinions on where the travel industry is right now and where it may be heading in the near future and in the longer term.


Attend TTI’s Summer Forum and find out for yourself whether the travel industry will be getting back to normal or whether we are moving to a New Normal.


  • Simon Calder, Travel Journalist and Broadcaster

  • Clive Wratten, Chief Executive, Business Travel Association

  • Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive, Airlines UK

  • Martyn Sumners, Executive Director, Association of Independent Tour Operators
    Jon Pickles, Chief Operating Officer, Kaptio


Thanks to Kaptio for sponsoring this event

Detailed Agenda


10:00  Welcome & TTI Update
          Tim Wright, Chairman, TTI


10:10 The New Normal

Is it back to normal or forwards to a New Normal?  Travel journalist and broadcaster, Simon Calder, will give a round-up of how the pandemic has catastrophically affected the travel industry from the pandemic’s outset to the present day. He will give his authoritative outlook on where he thinks the industry is heading over the next few years.

Simon Calder, Travel Journalist and Broadcaster


10:40 Back to Normal? The Role of Technology

What role does technology have to play in revitalising the travel industry as it claws its way back towards profitability? Jon Pickles has had a long career in leading edge travel technology and is considered one of its foremost experts. He will provide his views on the importance of technology in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of travel company operations now and into the future, against the backdrop of the return to normality.

Jon Pickles, Chief Operating Officer, Kaptio


11:10 Coffee Break

Time to check your email and get yourself a coffee.


11:30 Airlines Under Pressure

Airlines are high fixed cost businesses. Just a small shortfall in passenger numbers flips their financials from profit to loss. Unfortunately, airlines have suffered substantially reduced passenger numbers, costing them tens of millions of pounds. What does the future hold for airlines? What will it take to return them to profitability? Airlines UK is the trade body for UK registered airlines. In this session, the organisation’s Chief Executive, Tim Alderslade, will bring us up to date on how his members have suffered during the pandemic and tell us what is required from Government to allow airlines to once again trade profitably.

Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive, Airlines UK


12:00 The Business of Travel

During the pandemic, business meetings have been conducted primarily via video-conferencing applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. As we begin to leave the pandemic behind us, is video-conferencing the new normal or will business people once again wish to travel to face to face meetings? Has business travel been permanently affected or will it return to normal? The Business Travel Association’s Chief Executive, Clive Wratten, will tell us about how his travel management company members have been affected by the pandemic and give his views on whether business travel is set to return to normal or a New Normal.

Clive Wratten, Chief Executive, Business Travel Association



12:30 The Return to Holidays

There is certainly a pent-up demand for the return to leisure holidays but how has the pandemic affected travellers mind-sets? Will there now be a thriving lates market as consumers prefer not to book too far in advance due to ongoing uncertainty or are consumers set to book well in advance on the assumption that the future is looking good?  How have travel companies been coping with this business disruption? AITO represents many UK tour operators and in this session you will hear from its Executive Director, Martyn Sumners, on how its members have been affected and what their thoughts are on the future return to holidays.

Martyn Sumners, Executive Director, Association of Independent Tour Operators



13:00 Chairman’s Summary and Close

Tim Wright, Chairman, TTI


Moderator: Paul Richer, Genesys Digital Transformation



(TTI reserves the right to change this programme due to unforeseen circumstances.)