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ChairmanOver the past couple of months I have had a number of conversations and have attended a number of events around the subject of 'Big Data' and 'Personalisation' which sees to be top-of-mind amongst many in the on-line travel world.   Clearly, understanding what people are searching for and the analysis of that data can help all of us to deliver more relevant and personalised offerings, which in turn will help to reduce 'Look-To-Book' ratios, thereby reducing costs, driving better customer loyalty and ultimately enhancing efficiencies for all.

Talking about efficiencies, and as far as TTI's activities during the last quarter of 2014 are concerned, TTI's Project Management Working Group held a very successful conference call on 12 June with many of those interested in our proposition to resurrect TTI's RESCON (Reservation Confirmation) standard into a new XML Web Services RESCON2 format.   RESCON was originally published as an EDIFACT standard way back in the late 1980's to help tour operators and travel agents to automatically bring a confirmed booking made in viewdata into their own back-office systems.   Yet, despite the fact that 80% of all tour operator bookings are today made via the Web, there is currently no XM Web Services standard for an automated bookings transfer into travel agency systems.   The conference call was well attended and more on this new initiative can be found in the newsletter (Aug 14).

On Tuesday 3 June we held our TTI Summer Forum at the Strand Palace Hotel.   The subject was 'Distribution Best Practice' and for the first time we held one of our events in conjunction with ETOA (European Tour Operators Association).   The event itself was extemely well attended and I was personally delighted to see a number of ETOA members in attendance.   Again, a full report by our trusted Linda Fox in the newsletter is well worth a read, covering the invaluable experience and advice that all of our speakers gave on this very important subject.   I would also like to personally thank Rob Wortham and Mark Bradbury - both from RWA Ltd. who kindly sponsored the event.   Presentations from this event are now available here.

Looking ahead to TTI's programme of events for the rest of the year, our TTI Autumn Conference will be held on Tuesday 23 September at the Strand Palace Hotel, London and is entitled 'The Power of Data and Analytics'.   Finally, our Winter Forum will once again be held in conjuction with World Travel Market - entitled 'WTM Travel Innovation Summit in Association with TTI' and will take place on Monday 3 November.   Details of these events and venues will be posted in due course.

In the meantime, I trust that the summer of 2014 has been a happy and prosperous one for each and every one of you, because, at the time of writing this article (1st week of July), I must say that the UK weather thus far has been kind to us for once and the UK's traditional sporting and events calendar has enjoyed some very warm and sunny days.   It is just a shame, I guess, that one particular football team failed to make the first round of the the World Cup in Brazil and that the hosts themselves then went out in such a dramatic and humiliating way in the final round ;-)

Anyhow, to those of you who are still to go away on holiday, I wish you much pleasure and happiness with friends and family and I look forward to catching up with you all at one of our events later this year ...

Peter Dennis
TTI Chairman




WTM Travel Innovation Summit in Association with TTI

Monday 3 November (14:30 - 17:00)

WTM - Global Stage

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