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ChairmanAs  is traditional with our first newsletter of the year, I would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy and prosperous 2016 and I hope that you all had a wonderful time with family and friends over the recent festive period despite the never-ending rain here in the UK! I would also like to take this opportunity to offer a very warm welcome to all of our new TTI members and trust
that you and your colleagues will make the most of your membership and the networking opportunities that our upcoming events will provide you all with this year!

As we go into 2016, it is becoming alarmingly clear that global growth is once again under the spotlight, particularly on the back of a general slowdown in China as well as some of the other BRIC countries, and the dramatic falls in recent days of the worlds' stock markets given the ever decreasing price of oil.   This however is not all bad news for our industry. For example, the airline industry is one of the primary benefactors when the price of oil drops to such levels. Also, the number of people travelling around the world continues to rise and we will all no doubt benefit from the ever increasing number of new travellers from emerging markets who I understand will literally dwarf the numbers seen so far (if the authorities are to be believed) in the decades to come. So I think we should all embrace the positive trends that are likely to affect our industry going forward and particularly as we go into this New Year.

In terms of what is happening in the world of technological innovation, I have been particularly interested over recent months by what is happening in the area of cognitive computing – i.e. the latest era of artificial intelligence and the unprecedented learning by computers from big data algorithms as they progress - for example IBM Watson.

This I truly believe is going to re-shape how we all search for things over the Internet and indeed interact with computerised devices and the suppliers that utilise this technology in the very near future. Indeed Jeroen van Velzen - CEO of Roadmap spoke about the emerging era of "Screen-less" applications at our recent WTM Travel Innovation Summit in conjunction with TTI at last years' World Travel Market, when he referenced the likes of "Amazon Echo". So it is not a matter of "If" this type of intelligent technology gets used in our industry but "When".

Looking ahead to TTI's programme of events for this coming year, we once again have an exciting programme of events lined up for you. For many of us this will kick-off by attending the Travel Technology Europe show on the 24th and 25th of February at Olympia, where I will be moderating and speaking at a number of sessions in my capacity as TTI Chairman - I do hope to see you there.

Our own TTI conference programme will commence with our full one-day spring conference which will be held on Tuesday the 15th of March, once again at the Strand Palace hotel in London entitled "The Ux Revolution".

Peter Dennis
TTI Chairman



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