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ChairmanIf you are anything like me you will be wondering what on earth has been going on in our world over the past couple of months given the global news events that we have all recently witnessed from political, economic and worldwide social unrest perspectives.

As you know, we all woke up on the morning of Friday 24th June to the news that the UK had voted to leave the European Union.   What the true impact of the Brexit decision will be on the travel industry as well as the wider economic impact for the UK and Europe as a whole has yet to be seen, but in my mind it will take many months, if not years for this situation to truly sort itself out.   In the meantime, however, the country remains somewhat divided in its opinions as to what this does actually mean for us all personally and for our businesses in the long run.   At present there remains some immediate 'fall-out' volatility in the currency exchange and investment communities which no doubt is affecting us all.   Let's just hope that a positive outcome prevails and that confidence grows!

Also, like me, I am sure that you will have been shocked by the shear amount of news that we have all been receiving of late regarding such atrocities as the recent truck incident in Nice on Bastille day, the situation in Turkey following the failed military coup, the racially motivated police shootings in America as well as the recent axe, gun and bomb attacks in Germany.   Clearly we are living in dificult and challenging times and it is events such as these that will, of course, have a knock-on impact on an industry such as our own given that it involves moving people around the world.   We must therefore remain vigilant in all that we do and ensure that our people and our customers are well informed and know what to do when things go wrong especially during these extremely tough trading conditions.

In terms of TTI's most recent activities and news on our upcoming events: over the past few months quite a lot has been happening here at TTI.   Firstly, on Thursday 19 May we held a very special one day meeting at the Strand Palace hotel on the subject of 'Locale Codes'.   This followed a call by a number of TTI members who are interested in the formation of an industry standard around resort location codes.   The day was extremely well attended and I am pleased to report that this project is now really beginning to take shape.   Consequently, we are planning a further gathering of this working group in September to go through the group's findings and to make recommendations accordingly.

Secondly, following an RFP (Request for Proposal) process that was conducted in May regarding the revamping of TTI's website, I am delighted to announce that we have now appointed a website design and digital marketing company called Melt Content who will be working on this for us during the summer months.   We are very excited about this project and hope to launch the new site in late Autumn.

On 7th June, in conjunction with our partners at ETOA, we held our Summer forum at the Strand Palace hotel on the subject of 'Yield & Revenue Management'.   Again this event was very well attended and we heard from a line-up of top speakers on this fascinating and rapidly developing discipline.   My thanks must go to all who attended and especially to the speakers for giving up their time to explain why this subject is so important.

Finally, our full day Autumn conference is planned for 20 September - details here.

In the meantime, I trust that you are all enjoying your summer holidays with friends and family and that despite the challenging times we are all facing at present, that business is looking good and prosperous for you.


Peter Dennis
TTI Chairman



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