Enlightening, educating, and enabling ‘a growth mindset’

Sharing insights into leading brands, engendering panel debate and a ‘growth mindset’

Delivering ‘on trend’ topics from experts in travel, social media and technology  sectors

Offering dynamic, informative and meticulously planned webinars, seminars and conferences

TTI’s events programme is both dynamic and informative, benefiting from meticulous planning, topical themes and industry speakers.

Each year TTI host an excellent set of webinars, seminars and conferences that are carefully designed to introduce new topics to members engendering a progressive learning mindset.

These ‘on trend’ topics are delivered by leading companies from the travel, social media and technology sectors offering insights into their companies and the latest news.

Some of our recent conferences include such names as Google, Facebook, Gatwick airport, TUI, Gray Dawes and the Edwardian Hotel group.

The events are always well received, have lively interactive panel discussions and encourage progressive learning.

  • Two one day conferences per year, free to attend for members and including refreshments and lunch

  • Two half day forums per year, free to attend for members and including refreshments

  • Frequent webinars throughout the year, free to attend for members



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Upcoming Events


Partner Event - TechTalk: The Edge - Tuesday 18 May 2021

TravelTech Show's first two-hour virtual TechTalk.


After the pandemic, the travel and tourism sector will be the world’s biggest start‐up. With everyone starting from zero, there are opportunities for newcomers to disrupt the old-world order and for established players to rethink how they do things. TravelTech Show's first two-hour virtual TechTalk: The Edge will look at new sources of data, intelligence on how consumers have been changed by the pandemic, and innovative ways of creating actionable insights from a wider range of data sources.

The New Normal - 17 June 2021

With a month having past since 17 May 2021, the earliest date that international travel is allowed, the travel industry will have gained several weeks of experience of how best to handle bookings for those taking international trips this season.

The big question is whether this new normal with all its concerns and inconveniences is The New Normal or just an interim period before slowly and steadily we return to the freedom with which we travelled prior to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Future Dates

Thursday 23 Sept - Autumn Conference