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Why Standardised Room Type Descriptions?

TTIrooms room type mapping enables like for like comparisons across inconsistently named room types, providing clarity and choice, creating upsell opportunities and improving conversion and user experience.

What are TTIrooms?

A TTIroom is room type mapping that can be applied to a hotel's rooms so that room type names are standardised across multiple electronic bedbank feeds. They are written in plain language and support multi-lingual input/output.  They work for all suppliers and property types. They focus on the primary attributes of the room.

Click this link to see details of the webinar on Room Type Mapping held in Feb 2023.

Service Partner

TTI's service partner for TTIrooms room type mapping is GIATA GmbH.   GIATA has built a considerable depth of experience in managing coding databases

Key Points of TTIrooms
  • “light touch”

  • plain language

  • support multi-lingual input/output

  • never “over-promise”

  • works for all suppliers and property types

  • focus on the primary attributes of the room

For More Information about TTIrooms

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