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TTIrooms - Room Type Mapping
Right Room - Right Property - Right Price

webinar - Wednesday 22 February 2023

Mapping Properties is simple when compared to mapping room types. Good address and location data including geo codes with a star rating will normally ensure a match.

Room Types is a different challenge, with many variables such as the type of accommodation e.g. hotel, apartment, suite, villa, dorm, etc. Add in that bed banks, wholesalers, channels, even hotels themselves will often define the same room differently, making the task of room type mapping even more complex.

TTIrooms utilises GIATA’s Room Type Mapping (RTM) technology. We are confident that In over 95% of cases our RTM can standardise any room type name including those using foreign language variations or abbreviations in their room type definitions.

The challenge is, having this solution at your fingertips, how can you apply RTM in your environment and reap the potential business benefits RTM can bring?

Although this service brings operational efficiencies, at its core RTM is a commercial tool which will help to drive up your revenue, margin and average booking value – and move away from the relentless driving of customers to the cheapest room. It is about meeting the guests’ aspirations and making it as easy as possible for them to find the right room in the right property at the best available price.

This webinar looked at the key principles of Room Type Mapping and also explored different ways in which you can utilise the service from a very basic application to providing your clients, whether they be agents or direct bookers, with more sophisticated search options.

  • Howard Rosenthal, Product Expert (Room Type Mapping), D4T Consulting

  • Pete Hazel, Products Co-Ordinator, Travel Technology Initiative

Click this link to view the video of the webinar.

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