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About TTI

A leading membership organisation
focusing on technology in travel

Not-for-profit organisation run by members for its members

Highly focused on delivering the very best initiatives and services to the travel community

Conferences and events programme underpinning and supporting TTI’s initiatives

As its name suggests, TTI is an organisation that is highly focused on offering the very best initiatives and services to the travel community, (from all aspects of its work). It is a membership organisation and it cares deeply about the industry sector. This is borne out by its thoughtful approach to developing events and initiatives that are designed to keep in step with travel industry needs.


TTI's Three Pillars


The very essence of TTI is illustrated in the three defining pillars that underpin all of its activities:

  • Instigating and delivering travel technology initiatives

  • Enlightening and educating members

  • The growth of a unique network of like-minded travel industry people

TTI Initiatives

Some 20 years ago, TTI, collaborating with the travel industry,  developed a ferry  reservations protocol (Unicorn) that was used by many tour operators and ferry companies and is still in use today..

Since this time, TTI has grown and flourished with its instigation of three new technology initiatives. Its key initiatives include TTIcodes which has become, over a 10-year period, one of the industry standards in Europe for collating and de-duplication of hotel availability. The development of TTIcodes was closely followed by TTIplaces, planned to champion customer’s user experience and TTIrooms which improves electronic room matching. All three initiatives are designed to improve  business efficiency and profitability of tour operators, travel resellers and OTA’s alike.

Conferences and Events

TTI’s extensive conference and events programme underpins and supports TTI’s product development initiatives and the two aspects of the organisation are intrinsically linked. In addition, TTI creates a unique environment where members and industry professionals can network, collaborate and build powerful long-lasting alliances.

TTI's Heart in the Travel Industry

All of these factors make TTI an important reference point for members and travel professionals assisting with their development and creating a ‘growth mindset’ to power their businesses forward.

It is run by senior executives from the industry sector that both understand the complexity of travel industry and add value.

In conclusion, TTI has its heart in the travel community, always striving to deliver the very best with its business mantra of enrich, enlighten and empower!

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TTI Partners

TTI has formed valuable relationships with Travel Trade Bodies over the years and is committed to taking an active role in their promotion and growth.

If you are interested in developing a partnership with TTI please email

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