Wednesday 12 September 2012

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Travel distribution is a fast moving discipline.   Across the recent decades it has changed out of all recognition.   From the early days of the Global Distribution Systems or airline CRSs as they were once called, through Viewdata and other leisure travel distribution systems, to the modern era of XML connectivity; effective distribution has become comprehensive and complex.   In the world of accommodation, the complexities of channel management and the plethora of electronic distribution options could not have even been dreamed of just a few decades ago, giving rise to TTI’s own unique accommodation identifiers ‘TTIcodes’.

At the start of the Internet era it was thought that the Web would render the role of the travel agent and other intermediaries redundant as suppliers now had the means to reach out directly to their customers.   The thinking was that this would simplify distribution, for example, allowing hotels to simply sell via their websites.   It turns out that travel agents are still very much in the game and online travel agents have become a significant distribution channel.   In fact, a new generation of distributors such as bedbanks and online aggregators have come into existence.   Hotels now face incredibly complex distribution choices requiring a new genre of channel management organisations to assist them.

Meanwhile, with easy to implement XML connectivity, airlines find themselves in the position that they can also be tour operators, selling accommodation alongside their flights whilst tour operators compete with their own customers who now find that they can easily make their own independent holiday arrangements and self-package.

The telephone, which used to be the primary means of electronic communication for decades, routing voice calls between buyers and sellers, has also changed dramatically.   Latest telephony techniques include IP intelligent routing and web integration and tracking.   Of course, travel companies now need to be considering their mobile distribution strategies.   Mobile has brought travel distribution right to consumers so that they can make a purchase wherever and whenever they want.   This immediacy is a revolution for last-minute sales.   Mobile apps now have to be seriously considered by all travel companies.

How are established players, online travel agents and new start-ups responding to new distribution opportunities?   What is happening on the web?   What are the possibilities for mobile distribution?

Speakers were:

  • Chris Roche, Commercial Director, Travel Republic
  • Peter Matthews, CEO, Nucleus
  • Sergio Falleti, Director, Future Platforms
  • Nick Stafford, General Manager, Escapes Europe, Living Social
  • Simon Beeching, Director, Syntec Telecom
  • Alfredo Ouro, Founder & CEO, Hall Street
  • Seamus MacCormaic, Senior Director Market Management, Northern Europe, Expedia & Hotels.com
  • Carsten Kraus, CEO, FACT-Finder Travel
  • Laurie Diffey, Group Technology Director, The Monarch Group
  • John McQuillan, President, OpenJaw Technologies
  • Esther Waghorn, Sales Executive, World Travel Market

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alfredo_ouroHotel Rooms Trading
Alfredo Ouro, Hall St
nick_staffordBig Deal
Nick Stafford, LivingSocial
chris_rocheThe Future of Leisure Travel Distribution – to follow
Chris Roche, Travel Republic

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