The Content Revolution

Thursday 20 September 2018

Strand Palace Hotel, London

From meta-search to virtual reality, The Content Revolution is taking place right now and you need to be part of it.

Content is king, so the old saying goes, and that statement has never been truer.  A quiet revolution has been taking place that is seeing content becoming increasingly sophisticated, taking centre stage as one of the most important drivers of online business success.

At every stage of customer interaction with your business, it is content that is the persuader to shift the customer closer to making a purchase.

A typical customer journey begins on the search engines.  The customer will likely be carrying out keyword searches to match the requirements of a specific trip.  One of the most important factors that govern search engine ranking is the content on your website, so it is vital that this describes your products in the most search engine-friendly way.  In online adverts, having the right content is essential to gain high click-through rates.

On visiting your website, the customer must find the content sufficiently compelling that he or she sticks on the site to learn more.    If a site is multi-language, translations must use the right colloquial phraseology.  Descriptions of hotel accommodation must be accurate and persuasive.  Images need to be of the highest quality.  As broadband speeds increase and mobile moves from 4G to 5G, video and virtual reality imaging are now becoming accepted as the norm.

Excellent in-trip content such as the timely provision of information on tourism attractions can greatly add to travellers’ satisfaction and enjoyment.

Post-travel reviews and positive social media comments are great persuaders to catalyse new customers towards making a booking.

As the whole content arena becomes more complex, it is vital that you stay up to date with the latest techniques and opportunities.  At this conference we heard from expert speakers about some of the most important topics to consider when setting your content strategy.


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