CX and the Disloyal Customer

Thursday 21 March 2019

Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum

Easy is the new loyalty. It is all about a frictionless, hassle-free customer experience and this takes precedence over old notions of customer loyalty.

The best known online players, for example Uber, Amazon or Airbnb, spend millions on ensuring that the customer experience they provide is easy and intuitive. The goal is that potential customers should not have to think when interacting with their apps or websites. They aim to offer a frictionless, hassle-free experience which is so good that customers will keep coming back and simply won’t consider going to a competitor.

Of course, these examples are intermediaries but seeking a superlative customer experience is also the goal of primary product providers such as hotels and airports who have a much more complex task.

Long held notions of customer loyalty are dying out. Easy is the new loyalty and this is particularly pertinent to Generations Y and Z, our younger customers. They have not known a time before the current era of pervasive online connectivity, accessed 24/7 by mobile devices that are always to hand.

These new consumers have become accustomed to instant information and service gratification, delivered in such an intuitive way that no thought is required on their part.

The convenience of boarding passes on your mobile or smart watch are just so convenient – no hassle with paper. In hospitality, mobile check-in, fast check-out and mobile room keys are becoming increasingly common. The very latest vehicles from vehicle manufacturers such as Teslas require no so old fashioned as key. Just approach with your mobile in your pocket.

If the hypothesis is true that easy is the new loyalty then it is incumbent on us to ensure that we engineer our businesses and touchpoints so that customers have no cause for frustration. This is frictionless CX, allowing our customers to interact with our businesses in a seamless, pleasurable way.

At TTI’s Spring Conference 2019 we heard from the experts who provided us with their take on creating the best customer experience whether this is purely online, mobile app or web, or involves real-life person to person interaction.

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