Hands-On with Customer Engagement

Thursday 13 June 2019

Holiday Inn London – Kensington Forum

Pro-active customer engagement is one of the critical success factors propelling business profitability.

It is a well known marketing fact that it can cost many times more to win a new customer than to keep an existing customer repeatedly purchasing your products. Yet, in today’s digital world customers have become increasingly fickle and disloyal. Moreover, many consider the entire online environment to be impersonal, not naturally lending itself to building close one to one relationships.

In fact, opportunities for meaningful customer engagement in the digital world are many and varied. From the first time a potential customer hits your website through the many years of a customer’s entire life cycle with your organisation there are ongoing potential touchpoints that, if well managed, can strengthen the bonds between your customers and your brand.

This might include personalising website content, providing engaging social media, sending relevant email communications, requesting customer feedback and more.

In the corporate travel community, customer engagement is quite different to the B2C world. There is an engagement hierarchy where travel management companies (TMCs) need to engage with business travellers, those that are booking on behalf of the travellers and at multiple levels within the actual corporations – be it the senior executives who will agree to engage in ongoing relationships with TMCs or management within financial departments who require detailed reporting of their executives’ travel expenditure.

Hands-On with Customer Engagement, TTI’’s Summer Forum, Covered some of the practicalities and methodologies you can use to build better relationships with your customers, keeping them engaged with your business rather than your competitors’.

TTI lined up a team of expert speakers who, from their own hard won experience, told us about the customer engagement techniques that they know really work.

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